The Need for Dark Fiber Across Industries

Below is a look at how dark fiber benefits several verticals and how UFD can meet their distinct needs.


Carriers need:

•    To expand their service area footprint with a scalable and flexible network
•    To provide high-bandwidth services to consumers and business customers

UFD offers:

•    A 100% owned dark fiber network
•    The ability to consistently expand network presence and effectively support future capacity requirements
•    The most diverse and responsive network for end-users


Enterprises need:

•    Reliable and scalable connectivity
•    Support for applications with high bandwidth needs and specific latency requirements

UFD offers:

•    A dark fiber network that is customizable and scalable
•    Consistent costs
•    A private, fully dedicated network infrastructure
•    The peace of mind that sensitive and proprietary corporate data is secure


Government Organizations need:

•    Increased savings on network costs
•    Network security to ensure no sensitive data is compromised
•    A scalable, private network

UFD offers:

•    Lower and more predictable costs
•    Custom network solutions designed by experts
•    Top network security
•    Physical diversity
•    Private network connections


Wireless Carriers need:

•    A cost-effective solution
•    The ability to boost capacity to transport increasing data traffic
•    A dark fiber network that can power small cell backhaul
•    Top data center connectivity to plan for further cell network density

UFD offers:

•    Fiber-based cell tower backhaul services from cell site to the switch
•    Construction of all laterals
•    Carrier-grade colocation of network equipment to manage the service from end to end
•    Ability to scale for long-term growth and flexibility


Finance Organizations need:

•    The lowest possible latency to optimize high-frequency trading (HFT)
•    The flexibility to increase bandwidth on demand
•    Assurance that transactions are secure
•    The ability to choose hardware and equipment to meet specific needs

UFD offers:

•    A dark fiber system that ensures the lowest latency
•    The scalability to increase bandwidth
•    The fastest alternative route between New York City and the Washington, D.C., metro area
•    A network that avoids congested conduits and provides reliability against terrorist threat zones, natural disaster paths and aging fiber lines
•    Private, customized connections to other exchanges and key carriers, ensuring transactions occur as quickly and as securely as possible


Educational Institutions need:

•    High capacity to support technology in the classroom
•    Seamless connectivity for a more effective learning environment
•    The ability to fully manage a network
•    A flexible and scalable network

UFD offers:

•    The ability to link multiple buildings and campuses
•    Lightning-fast, cutting-edge fiber capabilities to share data and research
•    The most secure, efficient connectivity possible
•    A scalable and cost-effective solution that accounts for long-term growth
•    Reliable disaster recovery options


Healthcare Organizations need:

•    Fast, reliable and secure networks
•    Improved patient care through streamlined and secure data transfers
•    The ability to deploy advanced medical technologies
•    The ability to comply with all HIPAA regulations for the storage and transfer of sensitive data
•    A network that keeps pace with the growing number of connected devices in use

UFD offers:

•    A fast, secure and compliant network
•    Scalability to meet demand
•    HIPAA-compliant network solutions
•    Reliable connectivity between buildings and campuses
•    The ability to tap into colocation solutions for the customized, digital storage and transfer of hospital records and other healthcare information

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