Preparing for the Future

The Need for Dark Fiber

Businesses of all sizes and across every vertical are considering dark fiber as a viable option. As the need for scalable bandwidth becomes a top priority, its value as a top solution for a secure and reliable network continues to grow.

What is Dark Fiber?

Dark fiber is optical fiber infrastructure that a company puts in place but is not yet using. It is ‘dark’ because no light pulses are being transmitted and, thus, it is not yet part of the network and no data is being sent. A company will often install dark fiber in order to prepare for its future use. They are then able to light their own fiber as need dictates. This creates a scalable network, allowing an organization to keep pace with the exponential demand for bandwidth while eliminating the need to have fiber installed again and again over time. It is already there and ready to be used.

Choosing UFD as Your Dark Fiber Provider

At UFD, we are proud to say that our dark fiber offering is unmatched when it comes to redundancy, diversity and capacity. Our network infrastructure between New York City, NY and Ashburn, VA:

  • Is 100% UFD-owned and operated
  • Is built from the ground up
  • Bypasses major corridors and city centers
  • Offers one of the lowest latency routes available
  • Is diverse, allowing our customers to be deployed across two separate paths, avoiding single points of failure

Dark Fiber is Becoming Increasingly Affordable

United Fiber & Data’s dark fiber line is now an option for smaller companies as well as large enterprises. Companies that invest in dark fiber have access to more fiber than presently needed, which they can then light as required. This is an attractive alternative to the expensive and time-consuming process of coordinating with an outside party and waiting for it to complete a new installation. Companies also have the ability to create their own wide-area network (WAN) , which ensures security and peace of mind.

To learn more about dark fiber and the types of companies that are benefiting from it, please click here:


UFD will initially provide colocation services from its York, Pennsylvania, data center. This data center will offer a continually secure, monitored environment where clients can deploy their computing, network, storage, and IT infrastructure. UFD will have a noticeable cost advantage for both power and personnel operating out of York compared with data center operators in Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

Colocation services will offer multiple connectivity options including cloud computing, storage, and telecom and application server equipment. UFD service offerings will address a wide range of customer requirements through open racks, cabinets, customized caged floor spaces, and hybrid solutions, such as combined traditional colocation with cloud computing environments and managed hosting.

  • Open rack space – pay per unit
  • Lockable cabinets – full and half cabinets
  • Cage space – based on square footage
  • Private suites – based on square footage with construction
  • Professional services – 24-hour, daily personnel support
  • Data backup – automated backup to a storage area network (SAN)
  • Disaster recovery, business continuity, and compliance solutions
  • 100 percent service level agreement (SLA) on power, cooling, and connectivity with monetary penalties

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