Choosing UFD

UFD as Your Dark Fiber Provider

At UFD, we are proud to say that our dark fiber offering is unmatched when it comes to redundancy, diversity and capacity.

Our network infrastructure between New York City, NY and Ashburn, VA:

  • Is 100% UFD-owned and operated
  • Is a greenfield build
  • Bypasses major corridors and city centers
  • Offers one of the lowest latency routes available
  • Is diverse, allowing our customers to be deployed across two separate paths, avoiding single points of failure

Dark Fiber is Becoming Increasingly Affordable

United Fiber & Data’s dark fiber line is now an option for smaller companies as well as large enterprises. Companies that invest in dark fiber have access to more bandwidth than presently needed, which they can then light as required. This is an attractive alternative to the expensive and time-consuming process of coordinating with an outside party and waiting for it to complete a new installation. Companies also have the ability to create their own wide-area network (WAN) which ensures security and peace of mind.

Fiber Specifications

UFD’s fiber meets the following ITU-T standards:

Single Mode Fiber  ITU-T G.652.D, ITU-T G.657.A1

POP Locations

These Point of Presence locations are currently available:

New York

  1. 325 Hudson Street
  2. 85 10thAvenue
  3. 375 Pearl Street
  4. 111 8thAvenue
  5. 60 Hudson Street
  6. 32 Avenue of Americas

New Jersey

  1. 755 Secaucus Road
  2. 300 JFK Boulevard East
  3. 165 Halsey Street
  4. 3003 Woodbridge Avenue
  5. 800 Cottontail Road


  1. 21755 Filigree Court

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