Impacting Lives

Getting Connected

Getting Connected – Connections are what bring people together to conduct business, share ideas and information, foster innovation, and enrich and impact lives. Technology facilitates those connections, providing ways for individuals to interact with one another across neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, and global communities. But technology itself needs an infrastructure capable of supporting those connections now and in the future.

Creating a Superior Alternative

Creating a Superior Alternative – In 2012, connections brought together four entrepreneurs who recognized the need to create a superior alternative to an aging and vulnerable fiber-optic data communications network in the U.S. Northeast region. These entrepreneurs founded United Fiber & Data (UFD), a privately held telecommunications company charged with the mission of creating a secure alternative pathway for data communications transmission and storage. This pathway has taken the form of a purpose-built, rural fiber-optic backbone that will connect Lower Manhattan with the largest Internet switch in the country in Ashburn, Virginia.

Connecting Under the Hudson

Connecting Under the Hudson – In 2016, UFD marked a major milestone in the construction of this fiber-optic network: connecting New York City with northern New Jersey through the Hudson River Crossing. Very few enterprise companies the size of UFD have been able to reach this milestone. Upon its completion, this fiber backbone will deliver both the bandwidth and speed to handle the ever-changing demands of communication in the twenty-first century.

Full Commitment

Full Commitment – Today, UFD is committed to being a provider of diverse paths throughout the region and country and positively impacting those communities where we are connected. Our team holds itself accountable for every action and every project we undertake. We want our clients to view UFD as a critical business partner. We owe it to our clients, partners, and employees to maintain and continually enhance a secure communication infrastructure that ensures data security and integrity both now and in the future.

Facilitating Growth

Facilitating Growth – UFD remains a steward of community development. Our York, Pennsylvania, headquarters and our Allentown, Pennsylvania, sales office in the Lehigh Valley testify to our belief that infrastructure, technology, and connections can facilitate progress, business, and growth of cities and neighborhoods where individuals like your employees live in and work in.

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